We travel,

some of us forever, to seek 

new emotions, other lives, other souls

A 4x4WD car is highly recommended, however depending on the condition of dunes it is possible to arrive even with a 2W drive. If you have a 2WD we can put you in contact with local guides to help you driving through the sand without too many problem.  Once arrived at the Gasoline station "Posto San Josè" in Parazinho the guide can help/drive your car on the sand path that leads to Tatajuba. The Gasoline Station "Posto Sao Josè" is located along the motorway CE-085 coming from Fortaleza, you can find on google map. Here you need to deflate the tyres of your car (Indicatively for our 4x4 we deflate to 17/19 to drive on the sand and 30 to drive on the tharmac road).

As you can see from the video on the background you can see some dunes that you will encounter at the end of the terrain road that from Parazinho leads you to Tatajuba. The dunes can partially cover the road (in the video the path is quite clear from sand). Another option is to park your car in Parazinho for few days and we will come to pick you up with our 4x4. We can also arrange private transfer from the airport or to different destination along the coast