Kitejuba Eco Bungalows is a secret hideaway, totally melted with nature and in an astonishing location that will work on your soul as a detox treatment

Here, we live according to the rhythm of the nature...high&low tide and wind will determine our activities.  Fantastic sunset and  beautiful night sky full of stars will reconnect you with your soul.

Our bungalows, surrounded by coconuts, mango, banana and papaya tree  will give you a sense of relax and calm after each kite session. Goyaba, fruits, mint, onions, tomato grown free in our land and are handpicked to prepare healthy breakfast.

Kitejuba Eco Bungalows, will get you  in touch with the natural world, an uniquely liberating experience and a real break. Wild animals live freely around Kitejuba giving you the sensation to be inside an animals natural reserve. 


Tatajuba is the jewel of Brasil , still untouched, white sand beaches, sunny, warm temperature the whole year and an amazing nightlife close by in Jericoacoara.

Come share our kitesurfing paradise and enjoy ideal conditions to learn or improve your kitesurfing skills from june to february.


Our breakfast prepared with fresh products and different every morning will give you the right energy to spend the day in the water. 

In the afternoon you can indulge in our lounge area observing kiters in the water and fantastic sunsets. Finally our restaurant will give you the opportunity to try our cuisine and to create human connection with other clients